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Michhami Dukkadam

September 10, 2021

Michchhāmi Dukkaḍaṃ, also written as michchha mi dukkadam, is an ancient Indian Prakrit language phrase, found in historic Jain texts. Its Sanskrit equivalent is “Mithya me duskrtam” and both literally mean “may all the evil that has been done be in vain”.

It is used widely in Jainism for the Pratikramana ritual every nine days and also on the last day of Paryushana called Samvatsari in the Svetambara tradition, and Kshamavani in the Digambara tradition. The phrase is alternatively interpreted and said to mean, “May all my improper actions be inconsequential” or “I ask pardon of all living beings, may all of them pardon me, may I have friendship with all beings and enmity with none”. As a matter of ritual, Jains greet their friends and relatives on this last day with Micchāmi Dukkaḍaṃ, seeking their forgiveness.


September 10, 2021
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