Chaitra Navratri

Chaitra Navratri is the nine-day Hindu festival. It begins on the first day of Hindu lunar calendar. The festival marks the worshiping of nine incarnations of Goddess Shakti or Goddess […]

National Beer Day 2022

Beer is the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic drink, and it’s easy to see why. It comes in hundreds of types, flavors, and proofs. People have been drinking it for […]

World Health Day 2022

World Health Day is the global observance of health as a human right. From healthcare professionals to policymakers and individuals, families with young children or elderly, we all have a […]

Ram Navami

Ram Navami celebrates the birth of Lord Rama, son of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya. Rama was an incarnation of Vishnu and the hero of the Ramayana, the Sanskrit epic of […]

Vaisakhi-Baisakhi Festival

Vaisakhi also pronounced Baisakhi, marks the first day of the month of Vaisakhi and is traditionally celebrated annually as a celebration of spring harvest primarily in Northern India. Other Indian cultures and […]

Mahavir Jayanti

Celebrated by the Jain community to observe peace, harmony and to spread the teachings of Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism, Mahavir Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of the founder […]


Many Christians celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection on Easter Sunday. The Easter date depends on the ecclesiastical approximation of the March equinox. In Pagan times, many groups of people organized spring […]

Eid ul-Fitr 2022

Eid ul-Fitr, or Eid al-Fitr, is also known as the Feast of Fast-Breaking or the Lesser Feast. It marks the end of Ramadan and the start of a feast that […]

Cinco de Mayo

Observed to commemorate the Mexican Army's unlikely victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza. In the […]

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day has become a day that focuses on generally recognizing mothers' and mother figures' roles. Mother's Day has also become an increasingly important event for businesses in recent years. […]